Set up serial console to view system log

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To set up a serial console to, for instance, capture kernel panic information ...

Set up system to do the monitoring

  • Start minicom -s -o
    • Under Serial Port Setup:
      • Set Serial Device (A) = /dev/ttyS0
      • Set BPS/Par/Bits (E) = 115200 8N1
      • Set Hardware Flow Control (F) = Yes
      • Set Software Flow Control (G) = No
    • Under Modem and dialing clear out:
      • Init String (A)
      • Reset String (B)
      • Hang-up string (K)
    • Save profile with a name like "ttyS0"

Set up system to be monitored

  • Edit /etc/grub.conf and add kernel boot parameters console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=tty0

Start monitoring

  • Get a null modem serial cable and connect the systems to each other. (I assume the use of COM1/ttyS0 here but that isn't required)
  • Start minicom on the monitoring system with minicom ttyS0 (using the name of the minicom profile you saved above)
  • Reboot monitored system, the console should be displayed in minicom on the monitoring system