Oasis Guitar Humidifier Instructions

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Before filling the Oasis® with distilled water, the stabilizing bar needs to be attached. Remove the cap. Then, holding the humidifier upright, so you don’t spill any crystals, place the stabilizing bar over the opening and gently twist it on while pushing down. Pour distilled water into a small bowl or drinking glass. Draw the water up into the refill syringe. Holding Oasis® only by the top or bottom yellow band, gently squeeze the water into the humidifier. Replace cap. For the initial filling, you will need to do this three+ times. Refills will only require 1+ syringe full of distilled water. The Humigel™ crystals will activate in 5-10 minutes. To avoid damaging the humidifier, always remember to spread the guitar strings apart before either inserting or removing the humidifier.

When spring arrives, and the humidity is above 40%, we recommend that you remove the humidifier, wash all of the crystals out, and leave the cap loosely on the humidifier. Failure to do this will lead to cracks in the liner and water leaks, which can damage your instrument.

Replacing Humigel™ crystals annually or when they are lost is essential to protect your instrument. Failure to do so may cause water damage. For more information go to www.oasishumidifiers.com.