ASCII Escapes For Bash

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Stolen from

Echo (echo -e) the following escape codes inside \e[nn;nnm to colorize text in Bash:

Color Escape
Black 00;30
Dark Gray 01;30
Red 00;31
Light Red 01;31
Green 00;32
Light Green 01;32
Brown 00;33
Yellow 01;33
Blue 00;34
Light Blue 01;34
Purple 00;35
Light Purple 01;35
Cyan 00;36
Light Cyan 01;36
Light Gray 00;37
White 01;37

Make sure to use echo -e to enable interpretation of backslash escapes:

bash$ echo -e "This is red->\e[00;31mRED\e[00m"

Remove Color

Echo \e[00m to remove text color modifications:

bash$ echo -ne '\e[00m'