Setting Up A Fedora System Rescue / Security Spin USB Key

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Download the Fedora-Security-Live x86_64-31-1.9/iso file from

When installed using the following livecd-iso-to-usb command lines an encrypted, writeable partition for the $HOME directory will be created as well as an overlay filesystem for persistent data across the rest of the system. The sizes specified for these spaces can be worked out through trial-and-error as the command will display available storage details when too much storage space is requested.

Installing On A 4GB SD Card:

 livecd-iso-to-disk --format --efi --home-size-mb 1024 --overlay-size-mb 840 Fedora-Security-Live-x86_64-31-1.9.iso /dev/sdx4GB 

Installing On A 8GB USB Stick:

 livecd-iso-to-disk --format --efi --home-size-mb 2048 --overlay-size-mb 2858 Fedora-Security-Live-x86_64-31-1.9.iso /dev/sdx