Removing QuickTime Copy Protection

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Use the dumpster utility from Apple.

  1. Drag .mov file onto the Dumpster executable, or open up the Dumpster program and drag the .mov into the program window.
  2. Double click on the following items: 'moov' | 'udta' | 'nsav'
  3. Inside of the 'nsav' section, you'll see an editable value called "unknown data"
  4. Zero out all of the fields inside of "unknown data."
  5. Hit apply and close Dumpster.
  6. Open up your edited .mov file, push the play button to get to the movie, and then pause it.
  7. Right click in the movie area, choose File | Export, and then "Movie to Quicktime Movie" in the export drop down box.
  8. Click on the Options button and change the video settings to:
    Compressor - None
    Quality - Best
    Motion - Leave everything blank
  9. Change the sound settings to:
    Compressor - None
    Rate - 44.100 kHz
    Size - 16 bit
    Use - Stereo
  10. Return to the main export menu and save it to a hard disk that has lots of free space.