Installing system-wide fonts in FC7 under KDE

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The X11 config has changed and the the KDE font installer hasn't kept up, hence it cannot install system-wide fonts properly. It wants to modify the FONTPATH in xorg.conf. FONTPATH has been moved to /etc/X11/fs/config now. In FC7, the change that the KDE font installer makes actually breaks the xorg.conf so that X won't even start.

To install fonts, as root:

  • Create /usr/local/share/fonts if you need to.
  • Create TTF and Type1 subdirectories under /usr/local/share/fonts
  • Copy your font files into these directories
  • Delete any font.* files in these directories (they will be regenerated when the xfs service is restarted)
  • Modify /etc/X11/fs/config to add the TTF and Type1 subdirectories to the FONTPATH
  • Create or modify /etc/fonts/local.conf to add the font directories:
  • Do fc-cache /usr/local/share/fonts/... for each directory you created
  • Reboot

xlsfonts lists the fonts known to the X font server.

fc-list lists the fonts known to fontcache.