Barbecued Pork Ribs

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1-2 rib racks
Barbecue seasoning rub, heavy on the brown sugar
1-2 cups apple juice
1-2 cups of a barbecue sauce that you like


  1. Trim ribs of extra fat and remove the silver skin from the back of the rack.
  2. Pat racks dry with paper towels.
  3. Liberally coat the back, then the front, of each rack with the rub. Pat the rub into the racks to help it adhere.
  4. Loosely cover the racks with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
  5. While the racks are refrigerating, prepare the grill:
    1. Close the bottom vents on the grill halfway.
    2. Make a charcoal snake, two briquettes wide and two briquettes high, around the outer edge of the lower grate of the grill, up against the outer wall of the grill. This should extend about ½ of the way around the circumference of the grill.
    3. Place a 9x13 aluminum baking pan in the center of the lower grate of the grill and fill it halfway up with water.
    4. Evenly space 3-4 chunks of wood along the top of the charcoal snake to make smoke.
    5. Light 10 briquettes in a chimney starter. Once these have fully started, dump them out onto one end of the charcoal snake.
    6. Cover the grill and let it reach 275°F. Completely close the grill lid's vent.
  6. Remove the racks from the refrigerator and place them on the grill, bone side down, away from the fire. Cover and cook for one hour, maintaining 275&deg.;F by adjusting the lid vent as required. Do not remove the lid.
  7. After one hour, quickly flip the racks over end-for-end to bone side up and re-cover the grill. Cook for another hour at 275°F. Do not remove the lid.
  8. After the second hour, remove the racks from the grill and tightly wrap in heavy-duty tin foil, bone side down. Add about ½ - 1 cup of apple juice in the bottom of each foil packet while wrapping the ribs.
  9. Place foil packets on grill, cover, and cook at 275°F for one more hour. The internal temperature of the meat between the bones should reach about 207°F by the end of the hour.
  10. Unwrap the racks and baste their bottom sides with barbecue sauce. Place on grill and baste the tops. Cover and cook for 8-10 minutes, until the sauce is nicely caramelized.
  11. Serve with extra sauce.


Charcoal snake idea comes from Texas-Style Beef Brisket On A Charcoal Grill
Rib recipe from Myron Mixon YouTube video