ASUS GL702VM Laptop BIOS Upgrades

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The laptop was delivered with version 303 BIOS. The ASUS website offers both 306 and 310 version downloads. The 310 version is well known to break access to the SSD on the laptop and it did so when I installed it. The 306 version works fine but provides no discernable enhancements over the 303 version.

There are two installation methods that don't depend on running Windows 10:

  1. Unpack the BIOS ZIP file and place the resulting file on a USB key. Use the Start Easy Flash option on the Advanced tab in the BIOS settings to select the desired file from the USB key to flash the BIOS PROM.
  1. If the system won't boot like it didn't after I installed the 310 version BIOS, then rename the BIOS flash file to GL702VM.bin and place it in the root directory of the USB key. Insert the USB key while the system is powered off. Hold down the right Ctrl and Home keys while powering the system on. The system will automatically enter BIOS flash mode and flash the BIOS PROM with the file from the USB key.