When Crossover Office Apps Don't Start

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It may be because the application, when last used, saved window position values that are invalid for your current display.

From the Codeweavers FAQ: PowerPoint XP never starts or exits right after startup.

On some systems the default registry entry for the Window position value of the main PowerPoint window can be changed to a invalid value. If this happens then the PowerPoint window will never display or the application will just exit right away. To correct this problem edit


and find the section starting with


Make sure the "Bottom" value (in hex) is greater than the "Top" value and the "Left" value is less than the "Right" value. Also make sure these values are reasonable values for the size of your desktop. That is, if you have a 1024x768 desktop, "Bottom" should be less than 2FF and "Right" should be less than 3FF.

Contact the support system if you encounter this problem with other versions of PowerPoint.