Converting recording to MP4 with avidemux

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I find it necessary to convert some recordings manually when mythtranscode is unable to process them. This is required when mythtranscode returns the error message "Deadlock detected. One buffer is full when the other is empty!"

I first process the recording with "mythtranscode --mpeg2 --allkeys --buildindex --chanid XXXX --start XXXXXXXXXXXXX" to rebuild the keyfram index. If I don't do this, then the audio and video are often out of sysnc after conversion. I've built this step into mythconv.

I then open the file in avidemux2_gtk and save it after making the following settings:


  • Set "MPEG-4 AVC as output type, this is the x264 codec
  • Under Configure
    • Set twopass mode for average bitrate calculation
    • Set 4000 kb/sec as the target bitrate
  • Consider whether the logo removal or cropping filters are needed


  • Leave as Copy


  • Select MP4

Edit -> Preferences

  • Set messages to error messages only (there's an audio warning message that pops up at start of the second pass otherwise)