Burning CDs

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dev=0,0,0 on dlk-x20
dev=2,0,0 on fang

cdrecord -scanbus to view device list

Stop the autorun service: killall autorun

Music CDs ...

cdrecord -v -eject -audio -dao -pad dev=0,0,0 *.wav

Data CDs ...

Assume that the files/directories we want to include are in RootDir ...
mkisofs -v -J -r -o cdimage.iso RootDir
(RootDir itself will not be part of the path on the disk)

To prepend the path with /foo/bar ...
mkisofs -v -J -r --graft-points -o cdimage.iso foo/bar/=RootDir

Burn the image to disk ...
cdrecord -v -eject dev=0,0,0 cdimage.iso

To mount the image ...
mount -t iso9660 -o loop cdimage.iso /mnt/cdrom

To include a boot floppy as part of the image:

Make an image of the floppy:
dd if=/dev/fd0 of=boot.img
Put the boot.img file in the root directory for the CD and specify it with the -b option of mkisofs