Burning BluRay Disks

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BluRay video disks have a file structure containing at least a BDMV subdirectory. It may also have other subdirectories like CERTIFICATE.

For example:

 ├── BDMV

Burning Files To A BluRay Disk

To burn the above sample structure directly to a disk:

 growisofs -allow-limited-size -iso-level 3 -udf -use-the-force-luke=spare:none -dvd-compat -Z /dev/sr0 -r -speed=4 -J -allow_lowercase -V "Disk Title" "BluRay_Disk/"

Create An ISO Image

To create an ISO image from the above sample structure:

 genisoimage -allow-limited-size -iso-level 3 -udf -l -allow-lowercase -V "Disk Title" -o "bluray.iso" "BluRay_Disk/"

Burning An ISO Image To A BluRay Disk

 growisofs -Z /dev/sr0=bluray.iso

Ripping A BluRay Disk

Use HandBrake ("ghb") to extract a video title from a BluRay disk or an ISO image.